Fix the gut, get out of the rut!

K9 Revive has had tremendous success with our dogs dealing with chronic pain and strength issues, and primarily our senior dogs have noticed the health benefits.  In dealing with a variety of dogs we hear these wonderful comments that the dogs have more luster to their fur, eyes look brighter, stool sample is more solid, etc.  What else is the K9 Revive Dog Supplement doing on the inside?  Is K9 Revive a viable option for puppies in order to be

K9 Revive gets rid of 2.5 years of chronic diarrhea

preventative? Does your dog suffer from multiple food allergies, skin issues, chronic fatigue, or other issues that cannot be explained?  Your dog could be suffering with leaky gut.

What is Leaky Gut?

The intestine of a dog is lined with an "intestinal mucosa" that helps nutrients pass in the bloodstream and keep foreign invaders from entering.

"Leaky Gut" is when this lining becomes damaged, letting bacteria and toxins “leak” into the bloodstream. Your dog’s immune system begins to react to these substances, treating them as foreign invaders.

Eventually this strain on the livers leads to chronic inflammation.  Food allergies is a common side effect as the body assumes all types of food are foreign invaders.  In this type of scenario a host of other conditions can pop up with your pooch.

Common Symptoms of Leaky Gut:

  • Allergies
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Digestive Issues (Bloating, Gas, Diarrhea, Vomiting)
  • Immune System Disorders (IBS, Chronic Fatigue)
  • Joint Issues
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Respiratory Issues (Asthma)
  • Skin Disorders (Dandruff, Dermatitis, Hotspots)
  • Thyroid Issues

As you can see from this list it is difficult to diagnose leaky gut with our dogs because its symptoms can easily be attributed to other diseases.  If your veterinarian is only treating one of these symptoms and your dog is not getting better, it might be time to consider leaky gut as the culprit.

A perfect example of a dog suffering with leaky gut is our sweet boy Brauk pictured in this blog.  Brauk is a beautiful 2.5 Year Old Male Poodle.  He is a ball of frenetic energy and a very sweet boy.  Brauk gets plenty of exercise and is always happy.  Underneath there is a different story.  Brauk has been dealing with chronic diarrhea since the day he was born.  His owner (Mary Alice) put him on a special diet along with antibiotics recommended by the veterinarian, but nothing was getting long lasting improvement.  Mary Alice purchased a bottle of K9 Revive Dog Supplement, and after ONE MONTH Brauk no longer had diarrhea AND does not need to be on a special diet.  Moreover, Brauk recently had updated blood work and the veterinarian said everything came out pristine. Now Brauk's happy demeanor matches what is happening internally!

Is K9 Revive Dog Supplement a viable option for puppies and senior dogs?  The answer is a resounding YES!  Unfortunately too many owners wait too late to address the underlying issue.  K9 Revive has made a reputation helping senior dogs with joint health and energy issues.  As our presence continues to expand we are working with younger dogs like Brauk in order to change their life.  Our K9 Revive dog supplement is a premier dog supplement that promotes health and wellness for dogs of any age.  Be proactive, not reactive.

Our K9 Revive Dog Supplement is available in 2.5 Ounce or 12 Ounce container and can be purchased at our on-line store at

Continued health to all our dogs!