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Our Story

We started off just like every other dog owner. We wanted to find a supplement to help our own dogs who were dealing with joint and strength issues as they aged. We just could not find the right product to do the job. We decided to forget wasting time searching for the perfect product and just create our own! Seeing the results with our dogs was rewarding, but to hear the great success with random people was more profound. We love hearing the success stories, and we look forward to expanding our K9 Revive Family!

All-Natural Dog Supplements

We have products and packages to handles dogs of any age dealing with a variety of health conditions.

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K9 Revive

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Our products are made for dogs of ANY age, puppy to senior dog. The main goal is to optimize health. Many times, we are helping dogs with a pre-existing health condition. Ideally, we like working with owners that are PROACTIVE with their dog’s health.

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