K9 Revive Dog Supplement helps Strength and Chronic Injury

Whether your dog is dealing with the aging process (i.e. lack of energy, less strength, arthritis), injury, or recent surgery, the most important thing for every owner is to see their dog get better.  That means finding a supplement or tool that aids dog recovery and dog strength.  Luckily at K9 Revive we have our K9 Revive Dog Supplement and PEMF that aids recovery.

K9 Revive Dog Supplement for Stength and Chronic Injury Issues

Our K9 Revive Dog Supplement has Deer Antler Velvet in our formula, and it naturally contains Insulin Like Growth Factor 1, more commonly known as IGF-1.   IGF-1 (also known as somatomedin C) is a hormone similar to insulin and is the most important of the four growth factors in the human body. A  single chain of IGF-1 consists of 70 amino acids.  An anabolic growth factor, IGF-1 stimulates new cell growth and cell regeneration in the  body.  It’s also recognized as being responsible for increases in lean muscle mass, decreased body fat, and improved healing and recovery times.  Increases in muscle strength, size, and efficiency are also attributed to IGF-1. 

When levels of IGF-1 are at their highest in the bloodstream, muscles tend to recover more quickly and return stronger and healthier.  Because the body’s growth hormone production declines as we age, IGF-1 helps prevent and in some cases even reverse signs of aging.  Age related degeneration of muscles, skin tissue, and bones are positively affected  by IGF-1.  Faster healing and recovery from injuries and strains are  also linked to IGF-1 and its regenerative effects. 

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) would be used to maximize function of the body, prevent injury risk, and help the body recover from an injury.

Research shows that PEMFs stimulate a process called myosin phosphorylation. This is the process of energy production in muscle.  Phosphorylation produces ATP.  ATP is essential for cell energy, decreased ATP creates weak muscles.  PEMFs restore ATP by  stimulating myosin phosphorylation.

In addition, PEMF therapy provides a gentle way to trigger the  production of heat stress proteins prior to exercise.  These proteins not only prevent the breakdown and wear and tear of cells, but also encourage accelerated healing from injury.

Studies show that with PEMF therapy, the uptake of oxygen into muscle  increases by at least 1%, which is sufficient to considerably improve endurance and performance.  PEMF therapy also stimulates blood vessel growth, which increases circulation further aiding tissues to receive their required nutrition, while expelling their generated waste.

In a study using small animal subjects, the use of PEMF was tested to examine how it could be used to speed up the rate at which rotator cuff injuries heal. There was indeed a positive effect on the test subjects’ healing compared to their untreated counterparts with no signs of negative  side-effects.  These results suggest that PEMF be a supportive adjunct to recovery.

Using K9 Revive Dog Supplement in conjunction with PEMF would be a fantastic package for any dog needing to optimize recovery.  For more information click on the links on our website to purchase our K9 Revive Dog Supplement or PEMF (Individual Session or PEMF "Mini" Package).

Continued health dogs!!