K9 Revive is helping multiple dogs suffering with skin allergies!

We have finally launched our dog supplement company, K9 Revive.  K9 Revive was founded with the sole purpose of offering All-Natural Products that promote vitality to the dog world and deliver results.  We have a variety of cutting edge products for our furry friends.K9 Revive helps dog skin allergies

K9 Revive is already delivering results right out of the gate.  Granted we have been sitting on this pet supplement for several years, and we were well aware of the healing capacity of our proprietary supplement.  The most common issue we had dealt with in the past were injury or arthritis issues.  Typically our owners would give us positive feedback within a matter of days after starting K9 Revive. Typical results were more strength, mobility, and energy.

Since launching our company we have had multiple owners ordering K9 Revive because more dogs are battling allergies and skin inflammation.  Here in the State of Florida this is going to be an ongoing battle with airborne toxins that have wreaked havoc on our waters and environment.  There are many factors involved with the toxins and inflammation (i.e. environment and food allergies), but one thing every resident in Florida should understand about the allergy season: This issue is NOT going away.  You are going to have to be PROACTIVE for your health and your dog's health. https://www.floridatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/03/27/turning-toxic-tide-florida-must-fix-septic-sewer-and-biosolids/3084306002/

K9 Revive is proving to be a fantastic supplement to help our dogs overall health and wellness.  But why does K9 Revive work so well with our dogs dealing with skin allergies and inflammation?

The answer could be because our K9 Revive Dog Supplement contains velvet elk antler, which is a source of chondroitin sulfate A.  This substance has been proven to reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks and stroke by more than 400%. American Velvet has shown to have positive effects on cardiovascular health (blood flow) and the immune system.

Our K9 Revive Dog Supplement is a proprietary blend that has many other wonderful properties.  We will continue to highlight many more attributes in the future along with showcasing many of our dogs (and cats) getting stronger!

If you have any questions feel free to call our office at (941) 803-4422 or email us info@k9revive.com.

Continue the journey of health and keep getting stronger dogs!