Maintenance and Consistency Key for Health

We have had great success at K9 Revive with our clients utilizing our supplements.  The dogs come in many different breeds, sizes, and age.  We all love our dogs.  Some of us choose the traditional route, while others search for a holistic or natural route.  One common theme we see with the healthy dogs is the owners have been very proactive with their dog's health.

A good analogy is to compare a dog to a car.  Some people buy brand new (I always buy used and let someone else pay the depreciation!).  When you get that new car its is shiny and smells clean.  In order to keep that car running properly you have to maintain the vehicle.  Do the scheduled maintenance and take care of the interior and exterior.  When a car is well maintained you cannot look at the car and tell the age of the vehicle.  I have a friend with a 2012 Ford F150 that has 189,000 miles on it.  You look at the interior and exterior and there is no way you would guess the truck has that many miles.  My friend is diligent about doing the maintenance and keeping his truck pristine.  Unfortunately that means you will have to spend money on wear and tear (i.e. tires, shocks, air condition, regular oil & filter changes, tire rotation), but the truck continues to pay for itself and is going to continue to last him a very long time.

The same maintenance and respect should be given to our animals.  I had a client purchase our K9 Revive Dog Supplement for their older dog.  The dog was dealing with pain and inflammation (arthritis).  We have certainly had fantastic success with arthritis.  What I did not know about this particular dog is that it is approaching 14 years old and was currently taking pharmaceutical drugs for pain (not sure how long).  The lifespan of this particular dog is 10 to 13 years.  What kind of success can we expect?

In this particular instance we must manage our expectations.  K9 Revive is coming into the equation towards the latter part.  Can we expect to see the dog jumping around and acting like a puppy again?  It would be unrealistic for us to say that to any owner.  What I relayed to the owner was we have no idea if or when we might improvement.  We do not know the health or lifestyle of the dog.  The only thing we could suggest is to give it 30 days and see if the owner notices any improvement after that time.  We feel there is a tremendous benefit by utilizing our dog supplement to promote health, but this particular owner has a goal in mind.  There is the possibility that the dog does not see any improvement with their arthritic condition.

That leads me to talking about the key aspects to set a proper foundation for your dog's health.

  1. Start EARLY - We have said it before but it is worth repeating.  Do not wait to get your dog started on our supplement or any supplement once there is a problem.  Promoting health is vital for a puppy to an older dog.
  2. Be CONSISTENT - The number of my clients that have purchased our supplements but let it sit in a counter is mind boggling.  At the same token we have clients that see fantastic results, but stop using the supplement when the issue is corrected.  Do not be short sighted when it comes to health.  Consistency might be boring, but it delivers long lasting results.
  3. OBSERVATION - Dog owners are in tune with the slightest issue going on with our fur baby.  I am always aware of my dog's gait, skin, teeth, and poops!  The benefits of having a healthy dog is you may not have to deal with these issues as they mature.
  4. Find a like minded Veterinarian - There are some fantastic vets out there.  You can find a traditional vet, holistic vet, or a vet that is hybrid of both styles.  Being in sync with your vet and having a common philosophy helps the health experience with your dog run smoothly.

Wishing all our dogs an abundance of health.  Take care of your dogs, and love on them....CONSISTENTLY!