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Elk Fur Strips


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These Elk Fur Strips have quickly become a favorite with our dogs.  Each strip can easily be cut in size to accommodate dogs of any size.

  • All-Natural
  • No heat processing
  • No fillers or emulsifiers
  • No smell or residue

Each one of the Elk Fur Strips utilized a freeze-drying process.  In its original state much of the Elk Fur strip is water.  All the active ingredients are preserved within these strips due to cold-processing.  Our Elk Fur Strips are never heated from start to finish.  By freeze-drying rather than heating to remove moisture, none of the beneficial enzymes are denatured, so your pet gets all the benefit of a much larger quantity of velvet. Ultimately this means a stronger product and better bang for the buck!

Use only as a treat or for training purposes.  Not a meal replacement.  1 ounce per package and 6 ounce package available.