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Ozone Oil Dog Skin Salve


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K9 Revive Skin Salve combines organic, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil and ozone, giving you an oxygen-rich, soothing salve.   Ozonated olive oil is popular all over the world for a variety of uses.   Olive oil is used by many companies as a lead ingredient in soaps,  lotions and cosmetics.  Extra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of the olive fruit, making it the purest extract available.   That is the type we use with K9 Revive Skin Salve.

Benefits and Uses of ozone oil:

  • Stimulation of growth for skin cells
  • Expedites healing for skin wounds, cuts, burns, and ulcers
  • Calms nerves and reduces amount of pain in skin conditions
  • Acts as a free radical skin scavenger on harmful toxins
  • Promotes healthy skin conditions
  • Good for animal wounds, as it is All-Natural and can be licked
  • Aids in healing process and reduces scarring
  • Skin Yeast
  • Dermatitis

Why K9 Revive Olive Oil is better:

  • Fully ozonated oils:  Oils that haven't been ozonated enough remain liquid even after they are refrigerated.  K9 Revive oils are fully saturated, with as much ozone as the oil can hold, creating a soothing salve.
  • Certified organic ingredients:  We only use 100% organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil.
  • Cold ozone production with a high purity oxygen source:   Some oils are ozonated with high heat machines and low quality oxygen.   K9 Revive uses only medical grade oxygen and ultra pure ozone.
  • Glass packaging:  No risk of BPA from plastic liners or plastic break-down over time.
  • Refrigerated storage:  Our oils are frozen before  they are shipped to you, so they keep their potency longer.   Refrigerated oils can last up to ten years.  We've found that even at  room temperature, our oils can last up to a year.
  • Pure:  No fillers, stabilizers, GMOs, preservatives or binders.  Simple, safe and pure.
  • 100% all natural and safe:  No hidden ingredients.
  • Made in the USA

Ingredients:  Organic Olive Oil fully infused with activated oxygen (ozone).

Fantastic product that can be used on skin irritations, wounds, and sores.