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PEMF 2.5 Tesla Wellcare (25,000 GAUSS) with Large Loop "EQUINE"


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K9 Revive is an Official Distributor for Tesla Wellcare and  is proud to offer this PEMF 2.5 TESLA (25,000 GAUSS) to our clients.  Each Equine unit comes with a Large Loop.  Additional accessories can be purchased separately (i.e. Mat, 25" Rope, Butterfly Loop).  Some of the benefits  of PEMF:

  • Decrease in pain
  • Reduces arthritis and inflammation
  • Increase in ATP production
  • Boosts immune system
  • Increases endurance & athletic recovery

Each system comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty & FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED (United States), International Shipping Available (Extra Charge).

Delivery Time: It can take 1 to 3 weeks to deliver the PEMF once the order is placed.  We would recommend you call or email our office BEFORE placing your order.

Price includes shipping & handling charges.

Fantastic piece equipment that will last as Professional Equine Trainer and their family a lifetime!